Ginemed // Banco de óvulos
Ginemed // Banco de óvulos


Our assisted reproduction laboratory uses the following techniques to vitrify samples:

SAFESPEED. Closed system.
KITAZATO. Open system.
KUWAYAMA. Open system.

When you request the eggs, you can select the vitrification system that best meets the needs of your laboratory.


Having frozen eggs makes it possible to more closely match the donor’s phenotype to the recipient’s, as there are more donors to choose from. Likewise, the fact that the donor eggs are frozen allows us to know for certain that they have passed the serology tests, as they were vitrified within the allowed timeframe following the serological testing.

  • · When there are remaining vitrified embryos after a cycle of reproduction they can be used to conceive a pregnancy with the same guarantees as if they were fresh.

This also makes having a second child with the same eggs or a second attempt where the first has not resulted in a pregnancy much easier.

Vitrification does not affect quality.


Our survival rates after devitrification are 96.4%.

The table below lists the survival rates after devitrification and its specifications: minimum, desirable and optimum rates (Source: Asebir, Cuadernos de Embriología Clínica, 1st Edition, 2016).

Egg survival rates following devitrification

Indicator Optimum Desirable Minimum
Own eggs 91.1 (82.1 - 93.7) 75.2 (46.6 - 81.6) 35.9 (26.8 - 46.6)
Donor eggs 89.8 (83.1 - 94.2) 80.0 (70.6 - 82.3) 52.4 (49.3 - 70.4)


For all the assisted reproduction centres with which we work, we offer, at no additional cost, our egg devitrification training programme, which includes the techniques for all open systems (Kitazato and Kuwayama) and closed systems (Safespeed).

* If your centre receives the specialised training we guarantee survival rates of 96.4%.


Over 300 professionals from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America have received training or have perfected the techniques of egg vitrification and devitrification either through in-clinic training or by attending the Egg Vitrification Training courses we frequently offer.